A Network of Farms

About Us

Friends and playmates from birth, today we are united by the passion for our work and our bond to the land. Our shared desire to make Alta Langa halzelnuts known beyond the borders of our territory has given rise to Terra delle Nocciole


Located in the province of Cuneo in southern Piedmont at an altitude of 585 metres above sea level, a surface area of 8.12 km2 (85% of which is covered in hazelnut groves), in the heart of the Alta Langa region… Cravanzana, our town, the Town of Hazelnut. Here, where the hazelnut is not just a crop but a way of life.

How We Work

In farming there are 2 Qs: Quality and Quantity. If you have a lot of one it’s hard to have a lot of the other. Terra delle Nocciola has chosen the Q of Quality


Still in the shell or already shelled, toasted whole, ground or transformed into flour or pasta: you decide!


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